Sabin Vaccine Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s Hospital form aliance

    The Sabin Vaccine Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, and Texas Children’s Hospital today announced an agreement “to move Sabin’s vaccine development program to Texas Children’s and BCM as part of the recruitment of world renowned neglected diseases expert Dr. Peter Hotez.” The action includes “establishment of the first national school of tropical medicine in the United States at BCM.” Dr. Hotez will serve as the founding dean and “the entire Sabin Vaccine Institute vaccine development program will relocate to Texas Children’s and BCM, while the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s advocacy and education programs will remain at the institute’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.” Dr. Hotez will continue to serve as president. The institutions noted that the collaborative program “represents a significant expansion of efforts to develop and test vaccines for a range of diseases affecting low-income populations in the United States and worldwide.” Representatives of BCM and Texas Children’s will be joining the Board of the Sabin Vaccine Institute.