FACT SHEET: Targets for Global COVID-⁠19 Summit

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Editor’s Note:
This statement is presented in the form of an invitation “to all Global COVID-19 Summit participants to join us in aligning around the global targets and taking the associated required actions to end the COVID-19 pandemic and build back better.” The statement presents, with varying detail and sometimes no detail, a number of targets and (aspirational) requests to different sectors. The first target is presented from the original text below. We also note that the Biden Administration’s stated goal [bullet one below] around vaccinating 70% of the world’s population by the next UNGA in late September 2022 does not seem to align with the WHO statements about a 70% target by “middle of next year” (WHO DG statement of Sep 23, 2021 below).


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FACT SHEET: Targets for Global COVID-⁠19 Summit
September 22, 2021 • Statements and Releases
[Fact Sheet Excerpt]
Vaccinate the world: Support the WHO’s goal of at least 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated with quality, safe, and effective vaccines in every country and income category by UNGA 2022.
Deliver doses urgently: Endorse the G20 target of, “in line with the World Health Organization (WHO), we support the goal to vaccinate at least 40 percent by the end of 2021 of the global population.”
Manufacture doses over the medium and long-term: Additional doses and adequate supplies are available to all countries in 2022. As scientific evidence develops, make sufficient financing available for production of additional doses for future booster needs in LIC/LMICs.


Asks for Governments & International Institutions with Relevant Capabilities: Fall 2021
Close the financing and supply gap for low-income countries (LICs)/ low middle-income countries (LMICs) to reach 70 percent coverage by providing funds, purchasing or donating 1 billion additional doses of quality, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, including through COVAX to support global equitable distribution.
Accelerate vaccination in LIC/LMICs in 2021 by expediting delivery of approximately 2.0 billion already committed doses of quality, safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, including by converting existing dose sharing pledges into near-term deliveries, swapping delivery dates to secure earlier delivery of doses to LIC/LMICs, and eliminating cross-border bottlenecks in the supply of vaccines and critical inputs.
Get shots into arms by making available at least $3 billion in 2021 and $7 billion in 2022 in financing for LIC/LMICs for vaccine readiness and effective deployment, including supporting the health workforce needed to deliver vaccines, combatting hesitancy, addressing legal and contractual requirements, and procuring ancillary supplies.
Make doses available for the medium and long-term by supporting sufficient global and regional production, as well as financing for possible booster needs and future vaccine production; expanding mRNA, viral vector, and protein subunit vaccine manufacturing (if authorized) and technology transfer; and procuring up to 3 billion additional doses of quality, safe and effective vaccines for LIC/LMICs if boosters become recommended by WHO.
Enhance accountability and coordination by establishing a robust vaccine, consumables, and ancillary supplies global dashboard in 2021, taking into account existing efforts toward this goal.


Proposed Private Sector Commitments: Fall 2021
Launch COVID-19 Corps for vaccine readiness & delivery.
Enhance transparency on the volume of actual and projected manufacture of vaccines; provide data on production projections and delivery sequencing for vaccine dashboard, in order to prioritize delivery for LIC/LMICs.
Expand global and regional manufacturing for mRNA, viral vector, and/or protein subunit COVID-19 vaccines, with a plan for development and financing…