Symposium Resources: ACIP in the Health Care Era

We have assembled a number of readings, video resources and a bibliography. These materials should help participants prepare for the ACIP Symposium on 19 January 2011.

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Core Background on ACIP, Role, Processes
The Role of the ACIP

Vaccine Supplement: The Structure, Role, and Procedures of the US ACIP

Perspectives, Editorials, Comment Pieces
“Legislating against Use of Cost-Effectiveness Information”
P.J. Neumann, M.C. Weinstein

New England Journal of Medicine
NEJM_Neumann et al_Legislating Against CE Information_2010_363-1495-1497

“The Right to Health as the Unheralded Narrative of Health Care Reform”
E.A. Friedman, E.Y. Adashi
JAMA, December 15, 2010 – Vol 304, No. 23
JAMA-2010-Friedman-ACA and Right to Health_2639-40

Special Reports
“Preventive Services Without Cost Sharing…Will the benefits outweigh the costs?”
Health Policy Brief: Health Affairs, Dec 28, 2010
RWJ_HealthPolicyBrief_Preventive Services_28 Dec 2010

Journal Articles
“The role of economic information in decision-making by ACIP”
Dempsey et al

Vaccine 26 (2008) 5389-5392
Vaccine_Demsey et al_Role of Economic Information ACIP_26(2008)5389-5392

ACIP Meeting Content: October 2011
Below are links to various content formats associated with the three three relevant sessions from the October 2010 ACIP meeting. Included are zip files of video content as this meeting was webcast. These video files are large and the download time will depend on your internet speeds. That said, these sessions are well worth viewing, even if you had the opportunity to attend the meeting in person.
Meeting Agenda pdf

Evidence-based Recommendations Session
– Evidence-based Recommendations Session 2: Video
– Slides available on this page:

Meningococcal Vaccines Session:
– Meningococcol Vaccines Session: Video
– Slides available on this page:

HPV Vaccine Session
– HPV for Boys/Men Session: Video
– Slides available on this page:

ACIP Meeting Content: June 2010
– Health Reform and its Implications for National Immunization Policy and Practice
Slides and transcript (please see pp. 158-164)

Evidence Based Recommendations
Slides and transcript (please see pp 14-45)

Bibliography: Vaccines and Economic Evaluation: QALYs, CEAs and more…
D.R. Curry
January 2011
CVEP_ACIP-Healthcare Reform Symposium_ Bibliography_12 Jan 2011

Symposium Slides and Other Materials

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