Economic analysis of rotavirus vaccination in Italy

Volume 27, Issue 29, Pages 3801-3926 (12 June 2009)

An economic analysis of rotavirus vaccination in Italy
Pages 3904-3911
Maria Daniela Giammanco, Maria Anna Coniglio, Sarina Pignato, Giuseppe Giammanco
We have evaluated health and economic benefits of a universal infant vaccination with two rotavirus vaccines registered in Italy, on the bases of the burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis (RVGE) in a birth cohort of 520,000 Italian infants followed until 5 years of age. Estimates from published and unpublished sources of disease burden, costs, vaccine coverage, efficacy trials of both vaccines, and price were used to estimate cost-effectiveness from the perspectives of the Italian National Health Service (NHS) and society. According to our estimates, a universal rotavirus vaccination program would avoid 10,679 hospitalizations, 39,202 emergency visits, and 44,223 at home visits. At €65.6 per vaccination courses, the program would cost €30,700,800 and realize a net loss of €9,057,928 from the Italian NHS perspective. On the contrary, the program would provide a net savings of €24,324,198 from the societal perspective. From the Italian NHS perspective, the break-even price per vaccination course should be reduced at least to €46.25 to achieve a zero cost-effectiveness ratio.

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