Vaccines: The Week in Review 28 July 2012

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World Hepatitis Day 2012: 28 July 2012

World Hepatitis Day 2012: 28 July 2012
“The campaign focuses on raising awareness of the different forms of hepatitis: what they are and how they are transmitted; who is at risk; and the various methods of prevention and treatment. Despite its staggering toll on health, hepatitis remains a group of diseases that are largely unknown, undiagnosed and untreated.

Technical resources
Prevention and control of viral hepatitis infection: framework for global action

Hepatitis A, B, C, and E fact sheets

Position paper on hepatitis A vaccines
pdf, 1.24Mb

Position paper on hepatitis B vaccines
pdf, 830kb

Guidance on prevention of viral hepatitis B and C among people who inject drugs

XIXth International AIDS Conference: Key Speeches

The XIXth International AIDS Conference held in Washington DC, USA 22–27 July 2012 concluded. Conference web site  Key speeches given at the conference or at satellite events included:

Speech: Changing the global health architecture
Dr Margaret Chan
Director-General of the World Health Organization
Statement at the WHO satellite symposium on strategic use of antiretrovirals:
bringing HIV prevention and treatment together
International AIDS Conference
Washington DC, USA
22 July 2012

Speech: Towards the elimination of new HIV infections among children
Dr Margaret Chan
Director-General of the World Health Organization
Opening remarks at the UNICEF high-level meeting on innovations for elimination of new HIV infections among children
International AIDS Conference
Washington DC, USA
22 July 2012

Speech: From scientific advances to public health implementation
Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health
At AIDS 2012, Fauci delivers opening plenary on ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic

Speech: World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim Remarks at the Opening Plenary of the International AIDS Conference 2012
World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim
Opening Plenary, International AIDS Conference 2012
Washington, DC, United States
July 22, 2012
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Korea National Institute of Health and IVI announce MOU to “expedite research and development of vaccines for public use”

The Korea National Institute of Health and the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) announced a memorandum of understanding to “expedite research and development of vaccines for public use.” According to the MOU, the two organizations “will boost research cooperation in vaccine development, and strengthen and expand cooperation in diverse fields of interest, including:

– Development of vaccines against emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases with a public health purpose;

– Molecular epidemiological studies for vaccine development; and

– Sharing information and resources in the field of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

The two organizations “expect strengthened cooperation between the two sides will generate synergistic effect in the field of vaccine R&D, and thus enable them to emerge as global centers of research, including in the development of next-generation vaccines.”

IVI Director-General Dr. Christian Loucq added, “IVI is very pleased to collaborate with KNIH on vaccine research projects and training initiatives, which will mutually benefit the two organizations as well as Korea’s vaccine R&D. More importantly, this collaboration will ultimately contribute to improving the health and well-being of people in Korea and worldwide.”

Global Fund welcomes Spain’s resumption of financial support

The Global Fund “welcomed an announcement by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Relations and Cooperation that it will contribute €10 million (around US$12.1 million) to the Global Fund, a resumption of funding that signals Spain’s deep commitment to disease prevention and treatment.” The decision is expected to be confirmed by the Board of Spain’s Fund for the Promotion of Development on 30 July. Spain ranks as the 9th largest donor to the Global Fund based on its cumulative contributions. In addition to contributing financially, Spain “participates in the development of policies and strategies to fight the three diseases through its representation on the Global Fund’s Board.”

Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration announces next GVAP actions after WHA endorsement

The Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration announced that its Leadership Council organizations “are now focusing on the points made in the resolution passed by WHA on the GVAP.” These include “working to help countries and regions apply the GVAP vision, creating strategies to develop immunization components of national health plans and allocating adequate human and financial resources to achieve immunization goals and monitor progress made.” The DoV Collaboration Secretariat “is beginning to transition key areas to the Leadership Council organizations as part of the GVAP implementation planning process for the coming decade. The DoV Collaboration Secretariat will wrap up their work as originally planned by December 31, 2012.” Current areas of work include defining a Monitoring and Accountability Framework which involves “…a group of experts working to further refine and define the GVAP indicators that will be monitored, as well as a framework and process to evaluate progress at national, regional and global levels.”

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