Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration announces next GVAP actions after WHA endorsement

The Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration announced that its Leadership Council organizations “are now focusing on the points made in the resolution passed by WHA on the GVAP.” These include “working to help countries and regions apply the GVAP vision, creating strategies to develop immunization components of national health plans and allocating adequate human and financial resources to achieve immunization goals and monitor progress made.” The DoV Collaboration Secretariat “is beginning to transition key areas to the Leadership Council organizations as part of the GVAP implementation planning process for the coming decade. The DoV Collaboration Secretariat will wrap up their work as originally planned by December 31, 2012.” Current areas of work include defining a Monitoring and Accountability Framework which involves “…a group of experts working to further refine and define the GVAP indicators that will be monitored, as well as a framework and process to evaluate progress at national, regional and global levels.”

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