GAVI: Accelerated Vaccine Introduction initiative

GAVI CEO Dr Lob-Levyt, speaking at a reception to celebrate the Alliance’s status as an independent international institution in Switzerland, noted that, “The demand by low-income countries for new, life-saving vaccines has never been higher. We must answer their call.” GAVI said that nearly 2.3 million children continue to die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases, even while the overall mortality rate of children continues to drop, based on UNICEF’s announcement last week that the number of children dying before their fifth birthday each year has fallen below nine million for the first time on record. GAVI said that 25% of the remaining deaths could still be prevented through proper vaccination. Dr. Lob-Levyt said that, by far, the biggest vaccine-preventable killers of children are pneumonia and diarrhoeal diseases, and that the new Accelerated Vaccine Introduction initiative has targeted delivery of pneumococcal vaccine in 42 countries and rotavirus vaccine in 44 countries by 2015.

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