GAVI’s Advance Market Commitment: Letters

The Lancet
Volume 375, Issue 9715, Page 638, 20 February 2010

GAVI’s Advance Market Commitment
Donald W Light

The World Report on GAVI’s Advance Market Commitment (AMC; Dec 5, p 1879)1 contains irreconcilable claims by GAVI and reveals the inability of the AMC approach to make new vaccines available to low-income countries on a sustainable basis.

GAVI’s Advance Market Commitment
Nina Schwalbe, Ibrahim El-Ziq

In response to Ann Usher’s World Report,1 it is necessary to clarify how the pilot Advance Market Commitment (AMC) works. The pilot AMC aims to stimulate the manufacture of an adequate supply of affordable pneumococcal vaccines for developing countries. The price of the vaccine is capped at US$3·50 per dose, paid by the GAVI Alliance and countries. Six donors will pay an additional contribution per dose to participating manufacturers in the early years of each contract to offset costs of expanding production.

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