Influenza vaccination of future healthcare workers

Volume 28, Issue 29, Pages 4539-4686 (23 June 2010)

Influenza vaccination of future healthcare workers: A cross-sectional study of uptake, knowledge and attitudes
Debra L. Blank, David M.S. Bodansky, Anna Forbes, Emma Garde, Fleur Story, Andrea K. Roalfe, Lynda Tait

Promotional campaigns recommend immunisation against influenza in healthcare workers (HCWs) but the uptake in this group remains low. We conducted a survey study during the 2008–2009 influenza vaccination period amongst future HCWs to quantify uptake and identify barriers to immunisation. Overall uptake was 8.0% (95% CI 5.9–10.8%), which is lower than the uptake amongst current HCWs (13.4%) and short of current government targets (75%). Knowledge about influenza was good but insufficient to encourage HCWs to get vaccinated. Promotional campaigns are needed that emphasise the role of vaccination in personal and patient protection.

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