AVI Alliance: U.K. Multilateral Aid Review (MAR), Support

The GAVI Alliance said it welcomed the results of the U.K.’s Multilateral Aid Review (MAR), which said GAVI “played a unique role in increasing finance for immunisation and bringing together all immunisation partners and wider partners in global health.” The review described GAVI as a “strong strategic fit with DFID (Department for International Development) priority objectives given its core focus on health and strong poverty focus.”  Further the report noted that “GAVI plays a critical role in the delivery of MDG 4 – reducing deaths among children under five years old. It contributes directly to MDG 5 and 6 through its support to health systems and impacts on MDG 1. The fact that these are some of the most off-track MDGs increases GAVI’s relevance as part of the international development system. It has significantly increased finance for vaccinations and substantially improved vaccination coverage of new and underused vaccines.”

Helen Evans, interim CEO at the GAVI Alliance, commented, “The GAVI business model is working well and despite some significant success in the area of pricing, we will not be satisfied until we see prices drop further and faster for all the vaccines that we work with. As a constantly learning organisation, we also note that this review has highlighted areas where we could do more to improve our performance.” The GAVI announcement said that, according to the review, “GAVI’s financial management is generally strong and transparent with evidence of recent improvements and safeguards (Transparency and Accountability Policy and strengthened audit capacity), although lessons on financial management and tracking of cash based investments (are) still to be effectively implemented.” Ms. Evans continued, “We are acutely aware that the financial systems in some of the countries we help are not as robust as those found in developed countries – it is a challenge faced by nearly all development organisations. It is our policy and practice to constantly monitor the use of our funds and immediately halt cash-based support wherever misuse is suspected.”