Vaccinations launched for children in Tunisia-Libya border camps

WHO said that the Tunisian Ministry of Public Health, supported by WHO, UNICEF and other health partners, started a vaccination campaign for an estimated 100 children under 5 years currently residing in Tunisia-Libya border camps. WHO noted that “strong winds and whirling sand are slowing down preparations, but the organizers are aware of the critical importance of vaccination.” Dr. Irshad Shaikh of the World Health Organization said, “As the number of families arriving at the camp incrementally rises, coupled with the fact that the length of stay of some of the families can get longer especially for those from Somalia and Eriteria (countries in conflict themselves), the risk for vaccine preventable illnesses in children inherently goes up.” The vaccination includes 7 antigens – diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, BCG, measles, whooping cough and hepatitis B.