BCG World Atlas: Vaccination Policies and Practices

PLoS Medicine
(Accessed 27 March 2011)

The BCG World Atlas: A Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices
Alice Zwerling, Marcel A. Behr, Aman Verma, Timothy F. Brewer, Dick Menzies, Madhukar Pai Health in Action, published 22 Mar 2011

Summary Points
Despite nearly a century of use, the Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine continues to be controversial, with known variations in BCG substrains and vaccine efficacy.

Because vaccination policies and practices vary across time and countries, we created the first searchable, online, open access database of global BCG vaccination policy and practices, the BCG World Atlas (, which contains detailed information on current and past BCG policies and practices for over 180 countries.

The Atlas is for clinicians, policymakers, and researchers and provides information that may be helpful for better interpretation of tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics as well as design of new TB vaccines.