Twitter Watch: 21-27 March 2011

Twitter Watch
A selection of items of interest this week from a variety of twitter feeds. This capture is highly selective and by no means intended to be exhaustive.

gatesfoundation Gates Foundation
Blog: A new #vaccine discovered, developed & tested in #India–specifically to help Indian children:

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Vaccines Today is an online platform, supported by the European Vaccine Manufacturers (EVM), for discussing vaccines and vaccination.

CDC Observes World TB Day 2011. 1/3 of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis. Learn more:

whonews WHO News
#Tuberculosis is curable, yet 4500 people die everyday from it. Watch @CraigDavid #WorldTBDay video @StopTB

Today is World TB Day. There’s still work to be done before tuberculosis can be stamped out completely. #WorldTBDay

AIDSvaccine IAVI
IAVI Report Blog on @KeystoneSymp session on search for correlates of protection from RV144 #Thai #HIV #vaccine trial

sabinvaccine Sabin Vaccine Inst.
Experts Meet to Develop Plan to Eliminate #Measles and #Rubella in the Americas: