GAVI announces vaccine pricing reductions from Serum, Panacea, GSK, Merck, sanofi

GAVI announced that it achieved commitments from two emerging market vaccine manufacturers to lower prices for pentavalent vaccine, and that developed country manufacturers have also offered price reductions on rotavirus and HPV vaccines. GAVI said that Serum Institute and Panacea Biotec have committed to price reductions on their pentavalent vaccines. Serum announced it “would continue to provide the most competitive pricing and encouraged other manufacturers to follow its lead.” Panacea Biotec committed to lower its prices by up to 15%. GSK offered to provide the rotavirus vaccine to GAVI at $2.50 per dose, or $5 to fully immunise a child, in response to a current tender administered by UNICEF, representing a 67% reduction in the current lowest available public price. GAVI said Merck has also stated that it will offer its rotavirus vaccine to UNICEF at discounted prices. The GAVI announcement also noted that Merck announced it will offer GAVI the HPV vaccine at a reduced price of US$ 5 per dose, a 67% reduction in the current lowest public price. The price offer is the first of its kind for developing countries. GAVI also noted that Crucell and Sanofi Pasteur will extend GAVI prices on their pentavalent vaccines to the 16 countries currently expected to graduate from GAVI support. Sanofi Pasteur confirmed that this would also apply to its yellow fever vaccine and the rotavirus vaccine being developed by its subsidiary Shantha. The announcements build on similar commitments made to graduating countries by Pfizer and GSK to provide the same access to pneumococcal conjugate vaccines through the Advance Market Commitment, GAVI said.

Helen Evans, GAVI interim CEO, said, “These are promising offers that demonstrate industry commitment to work towards affordable and sustainable prices for life-saving vaccines in developing countries. We congratulate all manufacturers who have responded to our call in the lead up to the pledging conference. We will continue to drive for sustainable prices, while ensuring procurement of innovative, appropriate, quality vaccines to meet GAVI country needs.”