Pertussis booster vaccination throughout life in Europe

The Lancet Infectious Disease
Jul 2011  Volume 11  Number 7  Pages 489 – 578

Rationale for pertussis booster vaccination throughout life in Europe
Fred Zepp, Ulrich Heininger, Jussi Mertsola, Ewa Bernatowska, Nicole Guiso, John Roord, Alberto E Tozzi, Pierre Van Damme

Although the introduction of universal pertussis immunisation in infants has greatly reduced the number of reported cases in infants and young children, disease incidence has been increasing in adolescents and adults in recent years. This changing epidemiological pattern is probably largely attributable to waning immunity after natural infection or vaccination. Furthermore, improved diagnostic testing, active surveillance, changes in disease susceptibility, vaccine characteristics, and increased awareness of the disease might also be contributing factors.