Twitter Watch: Week to 27 June 2011

A selection of items of interest this week from a variety of twitter feeds. This capture is highly selective and by no means intended to be exhaustive.

AIDSvaccine IAVI
Want to know more about @AIDSvaccine is & what we do? Watch our short video: #HIV #AIDS #vaccine #research #globalhealth

2.5mil deaths prevented in children under 5 due to measles, polio & diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccines #PH10

sabinvaccine Sabin Vaccine Inst.
Major Funding Announced to Continue Development of #Vaccine for Human Hookworm Infection:

GAVIAlliance GAVI Alliance
WATCH: the Center for Strategic & International Studies has posted a video about the June 13 conference and GAVI’s future

GAVIAlliance GAVI Alliance
The Economist- A shot in the arm: The world’s market for vaccines is being turned upside down #4mlives