Comment: A call to action for the new decade of vaccines

The Lancet  
Jul 23, 2011  Volume 378  Number 9788  p289 – 372

A call to action for the new decade of vaccines
E Richard Moxon, Pamela Das, Brian Greenwood, David L Heymann, Richard Horton, Orin S Levine, Stanley Plotkin, Gus Nossal

No medical intervention has such an unambiguous track record of preventing morbidity and mortality from infectious diseases than that of vaccines.1 The type of vaccine-preventable diseases ranges from the acute (eg, measles or meningitis) to the chronic (eg, liver and cervical cancers). Further reduction of deaths and disability from infections remains a major challenge. Few would deny that there is a moral imperative to make vaccines widely available on an equitable basis, but governments are frustratingly slow to grasp a different and compelling argument: vaccines create wealth.