Economic burden: HPV-related cancers in France

Volume 29, Issue 32 pp. 5087-5330 (18 July 2011)

Regular Papers
Economic burden of HPV-related cancers in France
Pages 5245-5249
I. Borget, L. Abramowitz, P. Mathevet

Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is associated with a range of diseases and cancers at different anatomical sites. In addition to its role as a necessary cause of cervical cancer, HPV is also associated with cancers of the vulva, vagina, anus, penis, head and neck. With the exception of cervical cancer, however, very few data are available on the economic burden of HPV-associated cancers. We assessed the annual costs associated with management of HPV-related cancers in France from the healthcare payers’ perspective. We used data from studies that employed similar methodologies to estimate the costs during 2006 for cervical cancer, vulvar and vaginal cancers, anal cancer, and penile cancer, and during 2007 for head and neck cancers. Data on hospital-management costs for cancer were derived from the French national hospital database. The costs of outpatient care and daily allowance costs were estimated using data from the French National Institute of Cancer report for 2007. The costs for HPV-related cancers were estimated according to the percentage of each cancer type attributable to HPV infection. The estimated total costs associated with HPV-related cancers in France were €239.7 million. The overall costs in men were €107.2 million, driven mainly by head and neck cancers (€94.6 million). The total costs in women were €132.5 million, due mainly to invasive cervical cancer (€83.9 million). The costs associated with HPV-related cancers are important to consider when evaluating the overall benefits of HPV vaccination in males and females.