UNICEF appeals for US$1.28 billion to fund its humanitarian operations in 2012/issues report

UNICEF appealed for US$1.28 billion to fund its humanitarian operations in 2012, assisting children in more than 25 countries globally. Supporting the appeal, UNICEF released a new report – UNICEF 2012 – Humanitarian Action for Children – which notes that “throughout the world, millions of children are living amidst crises that persist for years. While some of these emergencies attract significant media and political attention, others never reach international awareness, and many become silent emergencies in which deep humanitarian need, existing far from the public eye, is too easily and quickly overlooked.” The UNICEF report “describes the daily situation of some of the world’s most vulnerable children and women caught up in emergencies across the world and the funding required to meet their immediate and long-term needs.” UNICEF said that it requires adequate funding in order to fulfill its commitments towards children as “they not only represent the future but are the most vulnerable, and deserve generous and consistent support from the donor community.”

UNICEF’s 2012 Humanitarian Action for Children report: http://www.unicefusa.org/har.