Global Fund: 26th Board Meeting Report

Video: Recap of the 26th Board Meeting by the Board Chair

Global Fund Board Chair Simon Bland recaps the 26th Board Meeting in Geneva by saying “[continued from video]…This is a really exciting moment for the Global Fund. We’ve had six months where we’ve been going through an incredible transformation, reorganizing this Fund to deliver, and now we recognize that we do have resources at our disposal, to really accelerate implementation of an ambitious new strategy. This strategy is going to dictate the way we do business. We’re going to have new models of implementation at the country level, and we have enough funds now to really get cracking with the development of those new models.

“We’re going to bring the Board of the Global Fund together again in September—earlier than we’d imagined— to really accelerate the implementation of this strategy. And millions of people’s lives will be positively affected as a result.

“Board members came to this meeting I think really quite excited. Clearly from the Board conversations and the decisions we’ve taken today, they have the confidence in the management, they have the confidence in the reorganization, they have the confidence in the resources, and they’re not letting off the pressure to move as quickly as we possibly can to implement this incredibly exciting new strategy…”

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