Twitter Watch [accessed 27 October 2012 16:43]

Twitter Watch  [accessed 27 October 2012  16:43]
Items of interest from a variety of twitter feeds associated with immunization, vaccines and global public health. This capture is highly selective and is by no means intended to be exhaustive.

Bill Gates ‏@BillGates
Why has India been so successful at helping to #endpolio? Great interview from The New York Times: 
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5:03 PM – 24 Oct 12

Health Evidence ‏@HealthEvidence
Influenza Immunization Awareness Month: 43 high quality reviews on the flu shot 

The Wistar Institute ‏@TheWistar
The rotavirus vaccine developed at Wistar helps prevent an infection that kills >500K kids each year. #40DaysofWistar 
6:48 AM – 26 Oct 12 ·

PAHO/WHO ‏@pahowho
The @WHO Region of the Americas has had no endemic (naturally-transmitted) cases of #rubella infection since 2009. …
5:50 AM – 26 Oct 12

Improving vaccination coverage, especially with rubella virus, for children, women helps prevent congenital anomalies 
2:50 AM – 26 Oct 12

M&R Initiative ‏@MeaslesRubella
#LionsClubs meet #Gates Challenge by contributing US$10 million to protect children from measles and other diseases. 
1:42 AM – 26 Oct 12

EveryWomanEveryChild ‏@UnfEWEC
For <$5, vaccines protect against measles, pneumonia, diarrhea & polio. Yet 1 in 5 kids are not vaccinated. #vaccineswork #APromiseRenewed
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1:47 PM – 24 Oct 12