From Google Scholar: Dissertations, Theses, Selected Journal Articles

From Google Scholar: Dissertations, Theses, Selected Journal Articles

Oral delivery of human biopharmaceuticals, autoantigens and vaccine antigens bioencapsulated in plant cells
KC Kwon, D Verma, ND Singh, R Herzog, H Daniell – Advanced Drug Delivery …, 2012
Abstract Among 12 billion injections administered annually, unsafe delivery leads to> 20
million infections and> 100 million reactions. In an emerging new concept, freeze-dried plant
cells (lettuce) expressing vaccine antigens/biopharmaceuticals are protected in the…

Inactivated poliovirus vaccine: The fog of uncertainty is lifting!
T Jacob John – Indian Pediatrics, 2012
India achieved zero transmission of wild polioviruses (WPVs) in 2011. On 25 February,
2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed India from the list of WPV-endemic
countries. Formal certification of eradication requires three years without WPVs, expected…

Did the FDA Fast Track Gardasil At the Risk of Adolescent Girls’ Health? That is the Question.
LCB Botha – J Law Med Ethics, 2012
There are not many public health issues where views are extremely polarized as those
concerning vaccines, and the HPV vaccine Gardasil is a case in point. … Too Fast or Not Too Fast: The FDA’s Approval of Merck’s HPV Vaccine Gardasil. J Law Med Ethics…