Global Fund welcomes Japan’s final tranche of US$343 million; releases Governance handbook

The Global Fund said it “welcomed the payment by Japan of the second and final tranche of its total 2012 contribution of US$ 343 million, the highest annual amount that Japan has ever made in 10 years of vigorous support…” The payment of the second tranche of US$ 127 million follows a first payment of US$ 216 million which was made in March. Gabriel Jaramillo, General Manager of the Global Fund, said, “Japan has once more shown with this vote of confidence in the Global Fund that it is a leader in the fight against disease.”

   The Global Fund made its new Governance Handbook available to the public, noting that it was “conceived primarily as an operations guide for members of the Global Fund Board, (and) lays out with clarity and precision the Fund’s various structures and operations.” Comprised of ten PDF documents, the Handbook can be found here: