GPEI: Update: Polio this week – As of 12 Dec 2012

Update: Polio this week – As of 12 Dec 2012
Global Polio Eradication Initiative

[Editor’s Extract]
– A report on polio eradication was prepared for next month’s WHO Executive Board (EB) meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. The EB is expected to focus its discussions on the progress and remaining challenges associated with the emergency action plans and to review the endgame strategy. The full report in English is available here [see also excerpt below]
– Two polio vaccinators were killed in Afghanistan last week in separate incidents, underlining the dangerous conditions that health and humanitarian workers face in many countries. These tragic events further underline the truly heroic and courageous efforts of the front-line health workers, often working under very dangerous conditions, all in efforts to protect children from lifelong polio-paralysis.

– One new WPV case was reported in the past week (WPV1 from Hilmand), bringing the total number of WPV cases for 2012 to 34. It is the most recent case in the country, and had onset of paralysis on 19 November…

– Seven new WPV cases were reported in the past week (2 cases of WPV1 from Katsina, 1 WPV1 from Kaduna, 1 WPV1 from Kano, 1 WPV1 from FCT, 1 WPV3 from Taraba, and 1 WPV3 from Yobe), bringing the total number of WPV cases for 2012 to 118. The WPV1 from Kaduna is the most recent in the country and had onset of paralysis on 17 November.
– The 2 new WPV3 cases reported are particularly concerning, as Nigeria is now the only country in the world reporting cases due to this strain over the past six months. Taraba’s previous WPV3 case dates back to July, and a comprehensive outbreak response is urgently needed…

– No new WPV cases were reported in the past week. The most recently reported WPV case occurred in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (WPV1) with onset of paralysis on 10 November. The total number of WPV cases for 2012 remains 56.
– However, two new circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) cases were reported in the past week from Killa Abdullah in Balochistan, bringing the total number of cVDPV2 cases to 12 (all from the greater Quetta area of Balochistan)…

Horn of Africa
– Efforts are continuing to stop an ongoing cVDPV2 outbreak in Kenya and parts of Somalia (in a Somali refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya, and Kismayo, south-central Somalia)…”

Excerpt from Poliomyelitis: intensification of the global eradication initiative
Report by the Secretariat to the WHO Executive Board
14 December 2012
“9. The importance of withdrawing the type 2 component of oral poliovirus vaccine as soon as possible from routine immunization programmes globally was reinforced by the detection in 2012 of five outbreaks of poliomyelitis due to circulating type 2 vaccine-derived polioviruses. The outbreaks left 37 children paralysed in the following six countries: Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia. Two of these outbreaks, in Nigeria and Somalia, involve the continuing transmission of a type 2 virus for a period exceeding 36 months. Interrupting the outbreak in central southern Somalia continues to be complicated by the ban on mass vaccination campaigns in areas controlled by Al-Shabaab militants.”