Comment: Low effectiveness undermines promotion of seasonal influenza vaccine

The Lancet Infectious Disease
Jan 2013  Volume 13  Number 1  p1 – 96

Low effectiveness undermines promotion of seasonal influenza vaccine
Angus Nicoll, Marc Sprenger

In 2011, a systematic review1 showed low effectiveness (panel) (often less than 60%) of seasonal influenza vaccines in the protection of risk groups—ie, individuals most at risk of severe disease from infection. The Influenza Monitoring Vaccine Effectiveness in Europe (I-MOVE) project4—a publicly funded network supported by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and EU member states—monitors the effectiveness of influenza vaccines every year, and in April, 2012, showed a low early season effectiveness of 43% of the 2011–12 influenza vaccine in the risk groups in eight European countries.