Hidden Killers: Human Fungal Infections

Science Translational Medicine
19 December 2012 vol 4, issue 165

Review – Medical Mycology
Hidden Killers: Human Fungal Infections
Gordon D. Brown, David W. Denning, Neil A. R. Gow, Stuart M. Levitz, Mihai G. Netea, and Theodore C. White
19 December 2012: 165rv13

Although fungal infections contribute substantially to human morbidity and mortality, the impact of these diseases on human health is not widely appreciated. Moreover, despite the urgent need for efficient diagnostic tests and safe and effective new drugs and vaccines, research into the pathophysiology of human fungal infections lags behind that of diseases caused by other pathogens. In this Review, we highlight the importance of fungi as human pathogens and discuss the challenges we face in combating the devastating invasive infections caused by these microorganisms, in particular in immunocompromised individuals.