COMISCA – regional initiative aims to eliminate malaria by 2020

The Global Fund announced that ten countries in Central America and the Caribbean “have joined a regional initiative that aims to eliminate malaria by 2020.” The announcement was made during a regional health summit of the Council of Health Ministers from Central America and the Dominican Republic (COMISCA) in San Jose, Costa Rica, and “seeks to unify and accelerate efforts to eliminate malaria in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.” The Global Fund, which is currently supporting malaria grants in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Haiti, has set aside an additional US$10 million for the regional initiative. Dr Daisy Maria Corrales, Minister of Health of Costa Rica and Chair Pro Tempore of COMISCA, said, “We subscribe with great pleasure the Declaration for the Elimination of Malaria in Mesoamerica and Hispaniola Island in 2020, with the assurance that it will be of vast benefit for our people, and that it will allow us to improve the quality of life of the population in the region. The announcement also noted that “cases of malaria in Latin America and the Caribbean have fallen drastically since 2000. The Hispaniola, an island shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, is the only Caribbean island where malaria still persists, representing a financial burden to their economies, especially in the agriculture and tourism industries.”

28 June 2013 –