IVI, LG Electronics (LGE) and local partners address AWD from cholera infections with vax campaign

IVI (International Vaccine Institute) said that with support from LG Electronics (LGE) and in collaboration with local partners it launched a public awareness and vaccination campaign to reduce acute watery diarrheal disease (AWD) resulting from cholera infections. The organizations expect to vaccinate more than 20,000 residents in selected districts of West Arsi Zone in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region beginning on International Day of the African Child on June 16, 2013. IVI noted that LGE has been supporting IVI’s vaccine program in Ethiopia since 2010 to stem the spread of AWD. Together, the organizations conducted vaccine safety research in collaboration with Ethiopia’s Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) over a period of three years to confirm the vaccine’s suitability for Ethiopians. Starting next month, LG and IVI officials will visit major cities in the Oromia Region to educate citizens on the importance of the vaccine. From October to December, teams will administer free vaccinations in collaboration with the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute (EHNRI).


Editor’s Note: The media release excerpted above does not specifically identify the vaccine involved in the campaign, but we presume it be Shanchol, an oral cholera vaccine (OCV) developed by IVI.