Workshop: Developing Financing Strategies for Dengue Vaccine Introduction in the Americas

Workshop:  Developing Financing Strategies for Dengue Vaccine Introduction in the Americas
July 22-23 2013 [Site not identified]
IVAC, International Vaccine Institute (IVI), the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and PAHO [Dengue Vaccine Initiative (DVI)]

“In January 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranked dengue the world’s fastest growing tropical disease. The region of the Americas continues to experience a significant portion of the global burden of dengue, which is estimated to be 50-100 million dengue cases per year. An effective and affordable dengue vaccine will play a critical role in reducing the human and economic costs of the disease by preventing millions around the world from getting sick. To introduce and implement a dengue vaccine in a timely and equitable manner, countries need to assess their needs and current capacities and develop effective immunization and financing strategies.

“…More than 20 experts in health economics, epidemiology, and financing, plus program managers and decision makers, will work to identify a set of recommendations of financing options that would facilitate equitable and timely introduction of dengue vaccine and to develop a set of key actions that can advance these recommendations.”