PATH names Dr. David C. Kaslow vice president of product development; Ashley Birkett as deputy director of Malaria Vaccine Initiative.

PATH named Dr. David C. Kaslow to the newly created position of vice president of product development, and Ashley Birkett as deputy director of PATH’s Malaria Vaccine Initiative. In his new role, Dr. Kaslow, currently director of PATH’s Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), “will oversee the activities of all five of PATH’s product development programs, as well as PATH’s China programs, which also focus heavily on product development activities.”  PATH’s five product development programs consist of MVI, Drug Development, Technology Solutions, Vaccine Development, and Vaccine Access and Delivery. These programs represent PATH’s work in community-based interventions, devices, diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines. Dr. Kaslow “is a physician-scientist with 25 years of vaccine research and development experience whose professional career encompasses the academic, governmental, and private sectors. He served as vice president and head of vaccine project leadership and management at Merck Research Laboratories and worked for more than a decade as a tenured scientist at the National Institutes of Health, where he founded the Malaria Vaccine Development Unit. He became director of MVI in early 2012 and, prior to that, served for three years as chair of MVI’s Vaccine Science Portfolio Advisory Council.”

PATH also announced that Ashley Birkett, PhD, a five-year veteran of MVI and current director of research and development (R&D), has been appointed to the new position of deputy director at MVI, effective immediately. In his previous position as director of R&D at MVI, Ashley has led MVI’s efforts to support the development of transmission-blocking vaccines; guided MVI’s portfolio of evaluation technology projects, which are developing and refining ways to assess vaccine efficacy prior to large-scale field trials; and provided technical support to MVI’s two additional program areas: next-generation vaccines and the RTS,S program. Prior to joining MVI, he was senior director of preclinical research at Acambis (now part of Sanofi Pasteur Biologics Co.).

Full media release: Seattle, July 12, 2013