A brief history of the global effort to develop a preventive HIV vaccine

Volume 31, Issue 35, Pages 3461-3636 (2 August 2013)

A brief history of the global effort to develop a preventive HIV vaccine
Review Article
Pages 3502-3518
José Esparza

Soon after HIV was discovered as the cause of AIDS in 1983–1984, there was an expectation that a preventive vaccine would be rapidly developed. In trying to achieve that goal, three successive scientific paradigms have been explored: induction of neutralizing antibodies, induction of cell mediated immunity, and exploration of combination approaches and novel concepts. Although major progress has been made in understanding the scientific basis for HIV vaccine development, efficacy trials have been critical in moving the field forward. In 2009, the field was reinvigorated with the modest results obtained from the RV144 trial conducted in Thailand. Here, we review those vaccine development efforts, with an emphasis on events that occurred during the earlier years. The goal is to provide younger generations of scientists with information and inspiration to continue the search for an HIV vaccine.