IVI launches new matrix-based organization

IVI said it launched a new matrix-based organization “as part of its efforts to increase efficiency and accountability in management and implementation of its research projects.” The key elements of the new organization, which has been put in place in line with IVI’s new Strategic Plan, are the introduction of formal portfolio and project management, and a greater focus on vaccine pipeline and delivery. IVI now comprises of the following units:
:: Portfolio Management
:: Development and Delivery
:: Laboratory Sciences
:: Finance & Administration
:: Communications & Advocacy
:: Human Resources

The Portfolio Management Unit has three main programs as of now: Cholera, Typhoid and Dengue, and also includes the functions of Portfolio Manager, Grant Manager, and Business Development Manager. The Development and Delivery Unit has four departments: Clinical Development and Regulatory, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Data Management, and Access. As well, an internal Portfolio Management Committee has been created to overlook IVI’s research and development projects.

IVI noted that these changes have been made “to ensure that IVI will be well-positioned to achieve maximal impact and deliver on its mission – the discovery, development, and delivery of safe, effective and affordable vaccines for developing nations.”