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Study on the Performance of Cool Storage Material for Vaccine Transportation
B Liu, TH Zou, QD Hong, XY Song, CH Li – Advanced Materials Research, 2013
Abstract. It is introduced about the characteristics, structure and application of refrigerator for vaccine transportation. From the test of thermophysical properties of cool storage material in cold closet using for vaccine transportation and the insulation performance of cold closet …

[PDF] Poliovirus vaccination options for achieving eradication and securing the endgame
SGF Wassilak, RW Sutter, JD Wenger, WA Orenstein – Current Opinion in Virology, 2013
… The GPEI Strategic Plan 2013-18 includes plans for a global switch from tOPV to bOPV for routine immunization around 2016, provided prerequisites are met, including elimination of persistent cVDPV2 transmission in Nigeria and Somalia [23,24 ]. …