Global Fund wins pledge of US$750 million from Nordic countries,

The Global Fund said it “strongly welcomed a pledge of US$750 million by Nordic countries, a highly significant contribution to defeating these three infectious diseases.” The announcement was made in Stockholm on 4 September in a joint statement by Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and the United States. Collectively, the pledge represents over US$150 million in increased funds from the Nordic countries. The statement specified that the contribution would unlock an additional US$375 million from the U.S., signaling the leverage of every pledge. Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Chair of the Board of the Global Fund, said, “The vision and foresight of our Nordic partners is a critical piece of seizing this historic moment to defeat HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. This is terrific leadership. We hope others will be inspired by and join these efforts.” Nordic countries have been strong supporters of the Global Fund since its inception in 2002.