Use of alternative childhood immunization schedules in King County, Washington,

Volume 31, Issue 42, Pages 4689-4932 (1 October 2013)

Use of alternative childhood immunization schedules in King County, Washington, USA
Pages 4699-4701
Douglas J. Opel, Ashmita Banerjee, James A. Taylor
To determine the percentage of parents in King County, Washington using an alternative childhood immunization schedule (ACIS) and the type of ACIS used.
Patient and Methods
We distributed self-administered surveys to parents at 5 practices regarding the immunization schedule they planned to use or were using. Parents who selected an ACIS were asked to describe its main characteristics and information source.
We received 517 surveys and included 502 in analysis. The percentage of parents using an ACIS was 9.4% (95% CI: 7%, 12.2%). Only 6% described their ACIS as the Dr. Sears Schedule, although the book in which it is featured was the most frequently cited ACIS information source (29%). There was a significant association between ACIS use and non-Hispanic white parents and parents of children 12–23 months old.
A minority of King County parents use an ACIS. The Dr. Sears Schedule does not predominate.