Report: Ending Poverty in Our Generation: The Next MDG Framework

Report: Ending Poverty in Our Generation: The Next MDG Framework
Save the Children
September 2013

“The world’s current global goals to address extreme poverty – the MDGs – expire in 2015. World leaders have a chance to take this agenda further and finally end extreme poverty in our generation. But it will require more than business as usual – Save the Children’s new report explores how addressing income inequality and improving governance would rapidly accelerate progress.

“A historic achievement is within reach. We can be the generation that ends poverty, forever. For the first time, it is feasible to imagine that in the next couple of decades no child will die from preventable causes, every child will be in school and learning, every child will have protection from violence and we will eradicate absolute poverty.

“The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), one of the most resonant and unifying agreements in political history, reach a turning point in 2015, the deadline for their realization. We must do everything in our power to achieve them, since they provided an important framework to direct political and financial commitments as well as technical breakthroughs for children. We must also find an agreed way forward on work that will remain to be accomplished.

“As a leading independent organization for children, Save the Children is focused on ensuring that the post-2015 framework clearly accounts for the needs and rights of all children…”