WHO – SAGE meeting, Nov 2013

WHO: Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization
The next SAGE meeting will take place n Geneva on 5-7 November 2013.
Draft agenda (as of 17 October 2013)
Selected Agenda Topics (excerpt):
:: Global polio eradication initiative – Session 4
For decision:
–       Optimal schedule for 1 IPV dose
–       Strategic framework for responding to type 2 virus detection post-OPV2 cessation
–       Recommendation for a WHA resolution in 2014 on accelerated IPV introduction, based on the progress toward a global supply and financing strategy

For discussion:
–       Strategy to ensure bOPV access to all OPV-using countries

:: Decade of Vaccines – Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) Monitoring – Session 5
For Decision
SAGE will be expected to produce an independent first report on progress with the Decade of Vaccines Global Vaccine Action Plan.
Specifically, SAGE will be asked to:
– Review the DoV WG “Assessment report on DoV progress” based on:
– the review of the “annual report on the Decade of Vaccines progress” prepared by the DOV secretariat,
– Information provided by other partners’ annual reports on Decade of Vaccines progress.

– Make recommendations on any necessary changes to the formulation of the indicators, operational definitions and/or the processes for data collection.

– Identify successes, challenges and areas where additional efforts or corrective actions by countries, regions, partners, donor agencies or other parties, are needed.

– Provide recommendations and corrective actions for Members States, regions, partners, donor agencies or other parties regarding DoV GVAP implementation in a “SAGE Assessment report on the Decade of Vaccines progress” which will be the basis of the “progress report” for the WHO Board and World Health Assembly.

:: Measles and rubella elimination – Session 7
For discussion:
–       Global status report
–       Report from each Region
–       How to get back on track towards global and Regional targets

For decision:
–        Use of combined measles-rubella vaccine for both routine doses
–        Criteria to guide countries on expansion of the target age range measles and measles-rubella SIAs

For decision:
–        Vaccination of health workers

:: Smallpox vaccines – Session 8

For decision
:: The last case of Smallpox occurred in 1977. In 1980 the World Health Assembly declared this disease eradicated. A global stockpile of vaccines, held in Switzerland, was created with donations from Member States.

:: In 2004 Previous the Ad-Hoc Orthopoxvirus Committee, recommended that the stockpile should consist 200 million doses. The current physical WHO stockpile is ~ 2.4 million doses, and the virtual stockpile consists of 31 million doses.

:: In order for WHO to make an informed decision (risk-benefit) on which vaccines to stock and to be able to give advice to countries on their stockpile, WHO would like SAGE to answer the following questions:
–  Which vaccine should be recommended to be used during an outbreak of smallpox? (vaccine used during the eradication, vaccine produced in tissue cell, or further attenuated vaccines).
– Composition of stockpile
–Size of stockpile

–       What groups should be prioritized to be vaccinated while faced with limited vaccine supply?
–Age groups, risk factors/safety aspects, vulnerable populations, ethical considerations

–Which vaccine should be given?

–       Which vaccine should be recommended for preventive use?

–       Who should be targeted and with which immunization schedule? (First aid responders, army, police, health workers)