Connected Health: Emerging Disruptive Technologies

Health Affairs
February 2014; Volume 33, Issue 2

Theme: Early Evidence, Future Promise Of Connected Health
Connected Health: Emerging Disruptive Technologies
John K. Iglehart
Health Aff February 2014 33:190; doi:10.1377/hlthaff.2014.0042

The explosion of knowledge through telecommunication is linking patients and providers separated by geography. This development, in turn, is increasing the potential of the health delivery system to achieve the “Triple Aim,” the watchwords of reform driving changes in public- and private-sector actions outlined seven years ago in Health Affairs by Donald Berwick, Thomas Nolan, and John Whittington: better care, better health, and reduced per capita costs.   This issue is largely devoted to papers that report early evidence and future promise of “connected health,” the umbrella term arrived at to lessen the confusion over the definitions of telemedicine, telehealth, and mHealth.

The importance of an array of emerging technologies and services is certain to grow as more people who reside in rural locales or areas of provider scarcity gain coverage and team-based care becomes a more prominent feature of the delivery landscape…