PATH receives grant to expand drug research for deadly diarrhea

PATH receives grant to expand drug research for deadly diarrhea

June 16, 2014—PATH announced today a three-year, US$15.6 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to build a portfolio of projects with the goal of developing safe and effective treatments for severe acute secretory diarrhea (ASD). ASD, a type of diarrhea characterized by rapid onset and severe loss of water and electrolytes, causes most of the child deaths due to diarrheal disease around the world.

PATH will explore potential antisecretory drug targets in the gastrointestinal tract that are thought to play a critical role in fluid secretion, and identify existing compounds or new leads to be tested as antisecretory treatments. Such drugs will complement the use of oral rehydration therapy (ORT), the current standard of care.

“This new grant will enable PATH to expand innovation in drug development to save the lives of more children in low-income countries,” said Steve Davis, PATH’s president and chief executive officer. “The partnerships we create through this project will be crucial for eventually scaling up use of any new treatments we may develop for diarrheal disease.”…