Eurosurveillance – 09 October 2014 :: Ebola/EVD

Volume 19, Issue 40, 09 October 2014

Preparedness is crucial for safe care of Ebola patients and to prevent onward transmission in Europe – outbreak control measures are needed at its roots in West Africa
by MJ Sprenger, D Coulombier

Rapid communications
Describing readmissions to an Ebola case management centre (CMC), Sierra Leone, 2014
by G Fitzpatrick, F Vogt, OB Moi Gbabai, B Black, M Santantonio, E Folkesson, T Decroo, M Van Herp

Transmission dynamics and control of Ebola virus disease outbreak in Nigeria, July to September 2014
by FO Fasina, A Shittu, D Lazarus, O Tomori, L Simonsen, C Viboud, G Chowell