WHO & Regionals [to 11 October 2014]

WHO & Regionals [to 11 October 2014]
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Marburg virus disease – Uganda 10 October 2014
Ebola virus disease – Spain 9 October 2014

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Risk of Ebola spreading in Europe is very low: statement by Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe 08-10-2014
Sporadic cases of Ebola virus disease in the WHO European Region are unavoidable. This is
due to travel between Europe and affected countries. Nevertheless, the risk of Ebola
spreading in Europe is avoidable and extremely low. European countries are among the best
prepared in the world to respond to viral haemorrhagic fever, including Ebola.
Spanish nurse diagnosed with Ebola virus disease 07-10-2014
Last night, Spanish authorities notified WHO under the International Health Regulations
(IHR) that an auxiliary nurse in Spain has been diagnosed with Ebola virus disease (EVD)