American Journal of Bioethics – Issue on Compassionate Use

The American Journal of Bioethics
Volume 14, Issue 11, 2014

Compassion and Research in Compassionate Use
David Magnus
Published online: 17 Oct 2014

Ethical Justifications for Access to Unapproved Medical Interventions: An Argument for (Limited) Patient Obligations
Mary Jean Walker, Wendy A. Rogers & Vikki Entwistle
pages 3-15
Published online: 17 Oct 2014

Compassion for Each Individual’s Own Sake
Arthur Caplan & Alison Bateman-House
pages 16-17
Published online: 17 Oct 2014

FDA Implementation of the Expanded Access Program in the United States
Michelle Roth-Cline & Robert Nelson
pages 17-19
Published online: 17 Oct 2014

SAPs: A Different Perspective
Jess Rabourn & Richard S. Bedlack
pages 19-20
Published online: 17 Oct 2014

Access to Unapproved Medical Interventions in Cases of Catastrophic Illness
Udo Schuklenk
pages 20-22