Media/Policy Watch: to 18 October 2014 [Ebola/EVD]

Media/Policy Watch: to 18 October 2014 [Ebola/EVD]

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Cover story: The war on Ebola
The epidemic in West Africa
To win it requires a much larger effort in west Africa than the outside world has so far pledged
Oct 18th 2014
The Ebola crisis
Much worse to come
The Ebola epidemic in west Africa poses a catastrophic threat to the region, and could yet spread further
Oct 18th 2014 |

Financial Times
Accessed 18 October2014
The west’s inadequate response to Ebola
16 October 2014
Nine months after the first cases of Ebola appeared in Guinea, the deadly virus continues to spread across west Africa at an alarming rate. In Europe and the US, much of the media discussion focuses on the handful of cases in developed countries. But the virus will be beaten only if it is checked in the three African states – Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia – where it remains rampant. Western governments are beginning to appreciate the scale of the crisis but have yet to make the necessary contributions in terms of money and equipment

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Ebola Outbreak Shows The Dark Side Of Mother Nature
Guest post written by
Julie Gerberding, MD, MPH,, President of Merck Vaccines, Former Director, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The Guardian
Accessed 18 October2014
Texas Ebola hospital mounts PR campaign
Dallas hospital where nurses were infected engages PR firm and takes to social media in face of union criticism

New Yorker
October 20, 2014 Issue
The Fear Equation [Ebola]
By Michael Specter

Wall Street Journal,us&_homepage=/home/us
Accessed 18 October2014
Review & Outlook
The Ebola Twilight of Public Institutions
The WHO and CDC are failing in their core health mission.