Eurosurveillance – Volume 20, Issue 1, 08 January 2015

Volume 20, Issue 1, 08 January 2015

Rapid communications
First secondary case of Ebola outside Africa: epidemiological characteristics and contact monitoring, Spain, September to November 2014
by MA Lópaz, C Amela, M Ordobas, MF Domínguez-Berjón, C Álvarez, M Martínez, MJ Sierra, F Simon, JM Jansá, D Plachouras, J Astray, Working group of Ebola outbreak investigation team of Madrid

EbolaTracks: an automated SMS system for monitoring persons potentially exposed to Ebola virus disease
by LE Tracey, AK Regan, PK Armstrong, GK Dowse, PV Effler

Research articles
Assessing the risk of measles resurgence in a highly vaccinated population: Belgium anno 2013
by N Hens, S Abrams, E Santermans, H Theeten, N Goeyvaerts, T Lernout, E Leuridan, K Van Kerckhove, H Goossens, P Van Damme, P Beutels

European Union SHIPSAN ACT Joint Action: Preparedness for the response to Ebola virus disease in the maritime transport sector
by VA Mouchtouri, G Nichols