IVI Watch [to 10 January 2015]

IVI Watch [to 10 January 2015]

SK Chemicals staff’s interview with SBS TV about collaboration with IVI and BMGF
An interview featuring Dr. KIM Hoon, head of SK Chemicals’ life-science lab, was on SBS ? CNBC TV, a Korean cable station dedicated to business and market, including comments about collaboration with IVI and BMGF. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Q. We hear that SK Chemicals is jointly developing a typhoid fever vaccine.
A. Yes. That’s right.

Q. Notably, SK Chemicals received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, right?
A. SK Chemicals is committed to its mission of improving the health of human beings. The joint development of typhoid vaccine with IVI is very significant in our efforts to achieve this mission.
The fact that IVI picked SK as a partner, and that the Gates provided 5.4 billion won fund is testament to that SK’s vaccine development and production capacities has reached the global level.
By developing a more improved vaccine, SK Chemicals will contribute to saving the precious lives of children in developing countries.
Phase 1 clinical trials will start late this year, and after completion of clinical trials, the vaccine will be produced at SK Chemicals’ plant in Andong, and will be supplied through international organizations.

Q: Could support from the Gates Foundation and cooperation with IVI mean that securing financial profitability is a challenge?
A. It is not a matter of profitability. The shared goal of the two organizations is to improve the health of humanity through vaccines. SK Chemicals also shares this goal.

Q: We hear that prequalification (PQ) is key to this endeavor. Would it be possible to achieve?
A. The new vaccine will likely provide long-term protection, and protection in young children under age 2, which conventional typhoid vaccines do not.
To save children’s lives in developing countries, entering the global market is essential. Due support from IVI, and the Food and Drug Safety Ministry of Korea, and to SK Chemicals’ world-class capacity, we expect development will be completed in line with schedule.

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