Next generation dengue vaccines: A review of the preclinical development pipeline

Volume 33, Issue 50 pp. 7049-7140 (10 December 2015)

Dengue Vaccines Issue

Next generation dengue vaccines: A review of the preclinical development pipeline
Original Research Article
Pages 7091-7099
Kirsten S. Vannice, John T. Roehrig, Joachim Hombach
Dengue represents a significant and growing public health problem across the globe, with approximately half of the world’s population at risk. The increasing and expanding burden of dengue has highlighted the need for new tools to prevent dengue, including development of dengue vaccines. Recently, the first dengue vaccine candidate was evaluated in Phase 3 clinical trials, and other vaccine candidates are under clinical evaluation. There are also a number of candidates in preclinical development, based on diverse technologies, with promising results in animal models and likely to move into clinical trials and could eventually be next-generation dengue vaccines. This review provides an overview of the various technological approaches to dengue vaccine development with specific focus on candidates in preclinical development and with evaluation in non-human primates.