Yellow Fever [to 29 October 2016]

Yellow Fever [to 29 October 2016]

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Yellow fever situation report
28 October 2016
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Key updates
Angola epidemiological update (as of 22 September):
:: The last confirmed case had symptom onset on 23 June.
:: Two new probable cases without a history of yellow fever vaccination were reported from Kwanza Sul province in the last week.
:: Phase II of the vaccination campaign is ongoing targeting more than 2 million people in 10 provinces.

Democratic Republic of the Congo epidemiological update (as of 18 September):
:: The last confirmed non-sylvatic case had symptom onset on 12 July.
:: A new confirmed, sylvatic case was reported from Bominenge Health Zone in Sud Ubangui province.
:: 14 probable cases are under investigation
:: The reactive campaign in Mushenge Health Zone in Kasai province, which began on 20 October, is ongoing.

:: The majority of the probable cases in Angola have been ruled out as yellow fever cases by the Institut Pasteur of Dakar. They will remain classified as probable cases until a full battery of tests has been run to determine other possible causes of illness. Once the final results are received the cases will be reclassified. Coincidentally, a previously scheduled pre-emptive vaccination campaign is ongoing in Kwanza Sul province where 2 new probable cases were reported.