UNICEF Report: Ending Child Deaths from Pneumonia and Diarrhoea – One is Too Many

UNICEF Report: Ending Child Deaths from Pneumonia and Diarrhoea – One is Too Many
November 2016 :: 77 Pages :: ISBN: 978-92-806-4859-1
[Excerpt from Executive Summary]
Vaccines – coverage of key pneumonia-related vaccines is increasing and progress in sub-
Saharan Africa is improving faster than the global average. Yet despite recent progress, in
2015 just over 60 per cent of children globally received the recommended three doses of Hib
vaccine and just over 30 per cent received the PCV vaccine…

Press Release
Pneumonia and diarrhoea kill 1.4 million children each year, more than all other childhood illnesses combined – UNICEF
World leaders gathered at COP22 have opportunity to make commitments that will help save the lives of 12.7 million children by 2030
MARRAKECH, Morocco, 11 November 2016 – Pneumonia and diarrhoea together kill 1.4 million children each year, the overwhelming majority of whom live in lower and middle-income countries. These childhood deaths occur despite the fact that both illnesses are largely preventable through straightforward and cost effective solutions like exclusive breastfeeding, vaccination, quality primary healthcare and reducing household air pollution.
These findings are included in a new UNICEF report – ‘One is Too Many: Ending Child Deaths from Pneumonia and Diarrhoea’ – released today.
Pneumonia in particular remains the leading infectious killer of children under five, claiming the lives of nearly a million children in 2015 – approximately one child every 35 seconds, and more than malaria, TB, measles, and AIDS combined. Approximately half of all childhood pneumonia deaths are linked to air pollution, a fact UNICEF said world leaders should keep in mind during ongoing climate change talks at COP22…