Announcements [to 7 January 2017]


Human Vaccines Project [to 7 January 2017]
January 4, 2017
Moderna Joins the Human Vaccines Project to Help Advance Fundamental Understanding of the Immune System
Public-Private Consortium Collaborating to Generate New Immunological Insights, Accelerate Development of Vaccines and Immunotherapies
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Moderna Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) Therapeutics to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients, announced today that it will join the Human Vaccines Project, a non-profit public-private partnership focused on decoding the human immune system to accelerate the development of vaccines and immunotherapies against major infectious diseases and cancer. Moderna will join the global, cross-sector consortium of academic research centers, biopharmaceutical companies, governments and non-profit organizations in sharing knowledge and resources to generate key insights about immunological protection, and address primary scientific hurdles to developing new vaccines and immunotherapies.

“We are proud to support the important efforts of the Human Vaccines Project to unlock basic understanding of the immune system and translate this knowledge to accelerate infectious disease vaccines and cancer immunotherapies,” said Michael Watson, President of Valera, Moderna’s infectious disease-focused venture. “Collaborating with biopharma, academic, non-profit and government organizations has been a key focus of Moderna’s strategy to advance the promise of mRNA science for patients. We look forward to contributing to this consortium in kind, helping advance knowledge about human immunity that, ultimately, could help people around the world.”

Moderna currently has four mRNA-based infectious disease vaccines in clinical study and another four infectious disease vaccines advancing toward the clinic. The company is also developing an mRNA-based personalized cancer vaccine…

“We are honored to have Moderna join the Human Vaccines Project’s efforts to address the immunologic challenges impeding development of new and improved vaccines and immunotherapies for major infectious diseases and cancers,” said Wayne C. Koff, President and CEO, Human Vaccines Project. By harnessing recent technological advances from biomedical, computational, and engineering sciences, including Moderna’s transformative mRNA platform, the Project offers the potential to decode the human immune system, accelerate product development, and usher in a new era of global disease prevention.”


Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) [to 7 January 2017]
CEPI Newsletter 6 January 2017
Message from the Interim CEPI CEO
“We have a new year ahead of us. The end of last year provided a gift for all of us – the
Ebola vaccine that has been tried out in Guinea during the outbreak in 2015 has proven to
be highly protective against Ebola virus disease. CEPI grew out of both the good and bad
experiences from the Ebola outbreak; the global mechanisms did not work as intended,
but a tremendous collaborative effort made them work. The confirmation of the
protectiveness of the vaccine, as documented in the Lancet, demonstrates that we are
able to achieve great things when we work together across borders. Let us all celebrate
this is as an inspiration for our future work through CEPI.
A new year is ahead of us, and important milestones are right around the corner. Already
on 19 January CEPI will launch officially at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting
in Davos…
John-Arne Røttingen, Interim CEPI CEO

Partners Forum
In an earlier newsletter, news about the establishment of a CEPI Partners Forum was
shared. We are now pleased to announce that the Partners Forum is officially open for
sign-on. To become a member of the Partners Forum, kindly follow this link and sign on to
the online “Partners Statement”. Here you will also find more information about the forum
and its envisioned functions.


PATH [to 7 January 2017]
Announcement | December 27, 2016
PATH welcomes Peggy Johnson and Deanna Oppenheimer to its board of directors
PATH’s board of directors has voted to appoint Peggy Johnson and Deanna Oppenheimer to the board. Ms. Johnson brings diverse experience in business development, strategic partnerships, and investment management, while Ms. Oppenheimer enhances the board’s expertise in global finance, brand marketing, banking and communications…