International Journal of Infectious Diseases – December 2016 Volume 53, p1-68

International Journal of Infectious Diseases
December 2016 Volume 53, p1-68
Drivers of earlier infectious disease outbreak detection: a systematic literature review
Lindsay Steele, Emma Orefuwa, Petra Dickmann
Published online: October 21, 2016
Early detection of infectious disease outbreaks can lead to a decreased impact on populations. Numerous approaches to the earlier detection of outbreaks exist, and methods have been developed to measure progress on timeliness. Understanding why these surveillance approaches work and do not work will elucidate key drivers of early detection, and could guide interventions to achieve earlier detection. Without clarity about necessary conditions for earlier detection and their influencing factors, attempts to improve surveillance will be ad hoc and unsystematic.
This systematic literature review revealed that despite significant investment in early outbreak detection, there is very little evidence with respect to factors that influence earlier detection. More research is needed to guide intervention planning.